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Use BeONAIR PRO for interpreters in the Corporate workflow to receive audio from Corporate speaker and to send translated speech to Corporate listeners. BeONAIR PRO works in the Corporate workflow using the "Interpreter mode". BeONAIR Pro can work as a speaker with paid BeONAIR $1 listener



Corp. - FREE
Pro - $1

Listeners should download BeONAIR CLIENT when listen to PRO version and BeONAIR CORPORATE CLIENT when listen to Corporate speaker version


BeONAIR has two versions - PRO and CORPORATE. There is no functional difference between them. The only one is that CORPORATE version has free client app thus allowing speaker to provide it for clients free of charge for their convenience. Even in CORPORATE workflow interpreters can use PRO version in the INTERPRETER MODE.

  • The audience can ask the speaker questions via built-in messaging service.
  • Both the speaker and the audience can record the broadcast.
  • The speaker can turn off the audience's recording capability at any time as well as protect it with a password.
  • For simultaneous interpreters the app allows to create their own streams while listening to the main speaker broadcast.
  • The app allows the users to upload previously recorded audio broadcasts to Dropbox.
  • BeONAIR also has a built-in voting system.
  • Broadcasts are available to users with iOS or Android smartphones and BeONAIR app.

Some public WiFi networks do not allow data exchange between devices on the network. The app will not work on such networks.
Smartphone's built-in microphone may not deliver the best sound quality and may create noise. Consider using an external microphone or headset for online broadcasting.
Bluetooth headsets can create noticeable delay and often produce poor sound quality. Use smartphone original headset or other wired one. USB noise canceling headsets from Plantronics, VXi and Logitech can provide much better sound and can be connected to the iPhone or iPad with iPhone USB3 Lightning Camera adapter

How To Use

1. Setup router
* Enable N and AC, disable a/b/g standarts
* Enable DHCP server
* Set maximum multicast rate (if applicable)
* Disable firewall
* Enable and set the router's DNS to the gateway address (usually or
- otherwise clients won't be able to connect when internet disconnected..
* Disconnect router from internet
* Enable multicast traffic (if applicable)
* Enable UDP traffic (if applicable)
* Set beacon interval to 20ms (if applicable - Asus has 100 by default)
* Create WiFi network with your name (“mynetwork”)

2. Setup iOS speaker or interpreter device
* Install “BeONAIR (Corporate) Speaker” for speaker
* Connect headset - minimum is Apple standard headset. Best choice - USB Noise Canceling Headset connected through “Apple Lightning Camera Adapter”
* Install “BeONAIR (Corporate) Interpreter” for each interpreter
* Put into airplane mode
* Enable WIFI
* Go to settings -> mobile data (cellular) and scroll to very bottom - disable “WiFi Assist “ there
* Connect to WiFi “mynetwork”
* Start the app
* For speaker - tap “Speak” button. Enter the desired stream name (“My best speech”) or leave default. Tap “start” button and after that it will show screen with red “onair” button which will indicate that You are onair. Pressing red “ONIAR” button mutes mic. Closing window - stops whole stream.
* For interpreter - tap “Interpreter mode”, on the next screen choose incoming stream (will be selected if only one available) and enter the interpreter’s stream name, for instance - “Best speech - English”. - after that it will show screen with red “onair” button which will indicate that You are onair. Pressing red “ONIAR” button mutes mic. Closing window - stops whole stream.

3. Setup Android and iOS devices for listeners
* Install “BeONAIR (Corporate) Listener” app
* Connect headset
* Put into airplane mode
* Enable WIFI
* (For iOS only) Go to settings -> mobile data (cellular) and scroll to very bottom - disable “WiFi Assist “ there
* Connect to WiFi “mynetwork”
* Start the app
* Tap “Listen” button
* Choosing stream from list of available streams will start listening


  • What router should I use for such amount of listeners
    Certified routers:
    1. RUCKUS ZoneFlex 7982 (up to 50 people in standalone mode, needs ZoneDirector 1200 and more access points for more connections)
    For consumer routers BeONAIR recommends DD-WRT firmware. We have made some tests and found that the same router flashed with DD-WRT performs with BeONAIR much better than with original firmware. So, everyone owning DD-WRT compatible router ( check database here) is strongly advised to reflash the router... Also we do recommend to use Asus routers, as our experience shows that they work out of the box with original firmware. We do not support mobile routers, even when they work - wifi range is rarely exceeds 5 meters and amount of connections are usually only 5. To feed 20 people consider buying from $300 model..
  • What is th difference between BeONAIR PRO and BeONAIR CORPORATE?
    BeONAIR PRO is used when listeners can purchase BeONAIR CLIENT for 1$.
    BeONAIR CORPORATE is used by speakers who want listeners to use free BeONAIR CORPORATE CLIENT
  • I don't see any available audio stream. -
    a) Check if You are on the same Wifi network as Speaker. If so - try to restart "Listen" service.
    b) Check the router settings - it should support and has enabled UDP and Multicast
  • Audio delay is so noticable that I have an echo effect.
    Restart "Listen" service. In common, delay mostly depends on router speed and presence of repeaters between speaker and You.
  • How to prevent incoming call from terminating my speech?
    Don't pull out your SIM card. Just go to Settings -> Airplane Mode. Turn it ON. You will see that WiFi will also turn OFF. All You have to do is just turn WiFi back ON. You will have WiFi working while phone cellular radio will be OFF.
  • How to prevent fast battery draining?
    Please keep the screen locked during the broadcast and reception. (iOS only)
  • How to prevent echo and self-induction effects?
    Always use headset or headphones.


Available for iOS and Android (reception only)